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About Webula

Webula is a web services, content provider, and game simulation company. Founded in 2000 by Joshua Lee, a web developer / internet entrepreneur from Seattle, as strictly a social content provider, Webula has transformed into a game simulation company as well. Webula's first service was a message board network Josh developed while attending Western WA University in Bellingham, WA. 4 services stemmed from the board network including an ecommerce music, movie catalog system.

After 5 years of active service in 2006, development on the message board network was halted. After 3 years of inactivity, preparations for a completely new kind of service were made. In early 2009, the development of a baseball simulation game was in motion by Joshua Lee. A theory of simulation ideas was developed and then eventually programmed over a period of a year. User interfaces were then developed around the Franchise Ball framework over the next 3 years. Caleb Skurdal, a developer from Bellingham (a friend of Josh who also attended Western WA Univ.) was also a part of the Franchise Ball project.

Franchise Ball as it stands today has evolved much from its original conception, and will continue to evolve. The framework developed through the process of writing the message board system and Franchise Ball is being utilized for other related services. There are plans to utilize this framework for simulation games in the future as well.